Smart Wireless Heated Neck Massager

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Our iSmart™ Wireless Neck Massager can effectively relieve tired and aching muscles in just 10-15 Minutes!

Expect to enjoy a deep tissue massage that can open up pain points and lessen discomfort associated with the cervical spine

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"It has 15 strengths, a very professional massager. Release my neck pain, with heat, I can feel better than before. And it is portable, I can use it anywhere at home. I stay in front of my laptop for a very long time every day. And I started getting a stiff neck. I tried those large massagers before and they always end up in the closet because I'm too lazy to take it out, plug it in and organize it after using. This one is small, light and convenient. I brought it to my work a few times and people asked me where I got it. Definitely worth the price."

Emma, B. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Just like Emma, give this Home Based Intelligent Massager a try, wear iSmart Neck Massager for few minutes and achieve relaxation and extreme comfort for an entire day.

Designed for people on-the-go, you can bring this Neck Massager anywhere for a relaxing massage anytime.


This Heated Intelligent Neck Massager is very easy to use.

Simply wear it around your neck and make sure the contact between the electrodes and the back of your neck are well made, hit the power-on button and you can feel it working and your neck more comfortable after only a few minutes.

The Best Smart Neck Massager comes with FDA approved safety and quality assurance.

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Proven and Safe TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology blocks the pain signal from reaching the brain, increases blood circulation to targeted areas and stimulates your body’s natural painkillers.


  • Improve Blood Circulation

  • Increase Muscle Strength

  • Improve Sleep Quality

  • Fast, effective at-home relief of Aches and Cervical Strains.

  • Take control of pain quickly, and focus on what really matters to you.


An ideal Neck and Cervical Pain Relief Solution for Busy Moms, Book Lovers, Computer Professionals, Movers-Packers, Office workers, Sports Professionals, Frequent Travelers or anyone who is suffering from that nagging neck pain.



  • 1 X iSmart™ Wireless Neck Massager
  • 1 X USB Charger
  • 1 X Remote Controller
  • 1 X User Manual


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"I like the ability to use it anywhere, it’s so lightweight I barely feel it and most importantly it doesn't put additional pressure on my neck but the effect is quite good and its actually relax my neck. Being able to just lay there with the remote in your hand is just pure bliss"

Jonathan B. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



With the intelligent 3D suspension design, the metal contact of this neck massage equipment can 360° float to fit neck size and neck curve of different people.



With the unique headphone style, this neck massager adopts exquisite and lightweight design, so it is easy to carry and save space.


Achieve hands-free massage on the go. Whether it is parent-child time, baking time, shopping time, meditation time or just me time, enjoy relaxation and de-stress yourself.


2 hrs Charging time = 30 Days (15 mins per day) usage


iSmart™ Neck Massager uses low frequency electrical impulses in association with TENS technology to restore tired and sore neck muscles.

neck massager australia

3 X Massage Modes

  • Acupuncture Mode - For Better Soothing of Nerves and Muscles

  • Scraping Mode - For De-stressing

  • Kneading Mode - For Deep Tissue Massage


This product is not suitable for the below group of People

Pregnant Women, people with epilepsy, heart problems, people with a pacemaker or any type of metal or electrical implant. If any doubt, please seek medical advice.

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